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Ad hoc and recurring reminders to take medication, drinking water...

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At Joyners know that caring for an elderly or elderly requires total dedication, is why you draw a routine or program is essential to create the habit, but at the same time, the fact of creating a routine is quite helpful in to provide the essential things such as medication, hydration, walks, etc.

A series of methods and tricks to make not forget basic things about caring for the elderly, as well know that they often take more than one medication at a time, but can not always take all medication at the same time due the prescription is for this reason that it is important to control it perfectly, for it and leveraging technology can be programmed alarms or notifications indicated and name of each medication hour, but not only that it is also advisable to keep medication to view or use a pillbox in which can be placed throughout the patient's medication therein and thus prevents a double dose, another quite effective trick is to combine medication with daily activity, either as breakfast, after shower, dental cleaning or before going out for a walk.

People seniors as well know for their condition are more fragile because of this factor every precaution is more than necessary when trying to take a ride caregiver must be prepared for any mishaps that may arise taking the basic things before to go for a walk, something essential is the constant hydration and even more in these summer times, always carry a water bottle becomes a necessary good, just do not forget the medication if it touches take off home, avoid the hottest part of the day is important because high temperatures could suffocate the elderly having unintended consequences.

On the other hand, it is advisable to take shelter for the elderly person since due to age have fewer calories, ie they tend to be more prone to cold, it is also important to be a fulcrum settling at their own pace without being in your face is a factor key to avoid possible accidents.

As for housework, help them thus avoiding the overexertion of the elderly is important, in the same way monitor the simplest tasks themselves propose is important because it often can become a real ordeal for they either suffering from different diseases, leading to frustration, it is for this reason that we must be vigilant at all times if you need help because the need for autonomy is important.

Service reminders and notices

Expert and trusted caregivers. No paperwork and available in just 60 minutes.

Joyners can help you with…

  • Reminders

    Timely reminders to take medication, drink water and other needs.

  • Activity

    From a simple walk to specific exercises to stay active.

  • Cooking and shopping

    Cook healthy meals, plan menus, shopping and other errands.

  • Transports and transfers

    Need to be picked up from the hospital? Do you have a medical appointment? We take you there.

  • Vigils and nights

    Overnight care at home, hospital and nursing home. We help your loved one get the rest they deserve.

  • Personal care and hygiene

    Help with dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful and professional manner.

  • Companionship

    Chatting activities, companionship, conversation... Always with you.

  • Check-in

    An elderly caregiver can be at home in an hour to check that everything is going well.

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