Personal care, grooming and hygiene

Services help dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful manner.

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The importance of personal and health care people seniors is essential for a good quality of life, ie keep the skin always perfectly clean to avoid possible diseases related on the other hand maintaining a good physical condition and psychological thereof.

At Joyners know the importance of personal care and hygiene of the elderly is why caregivers of our network provide assistance taking into account various factors that influence when carrying out this task, respecting while promoting the autonomy of the individual, because we know that is important to the sense of self in this regard while respecting the privacy of the same.

Caregivers are well trained in addition to an approved title socio also provide help to dress in the same way take care of personal hygiene as we know it is a sensitive issue takes many by surprise.

The objectives of a service care and personal hygiene of the elderly are focused on protecting personal health of the person both physically and psychic level thus stimulating the desire to maintain a constant hygiene and the importance of it to prevent possible evils resulting from poor body cleansing.

We know the conditions of each individual on a personal level in terms of mobility or psychic level are different, because of this factor hygiene is often affected in terms of regularity or proper application. Caregivers who work with us are aware of this emphasis on small details, because good health also depends on good grooming and hygiene care. It is true that the elderly tend to get dirty easily, for this reason special attention is given and it is recommended to always carry an antibacterial cleansing gel.

On the other hand and tranquility of many, you can contact Joyners or caregivers who work with us in real time through our personalized App, available for both iOS and Android.

Joyners seeks the welfare and customer satisfaction, we understand the needs of each client to proceed properly, so we invite you to contact us through our website, app, or if you prefer directly by phone.

Personal care services, hygiene and grooming

Expert and trusted caregivers. No paperwork and available in just 60 minutes.

Joyners can help you with...

  • Reminders

    Timely reminders to take medication, drink water and other needs.

  • Activity

    From a simple walk to specific exercises to stay active.

  • Cooking and shopping

    Cook healthy meals, plan menus, shopping and other errands...

  • Transports and transfers

    Need to be picked up from the hospital? Do you have a medical appointment? We take you there.

  • Vigils and nights

    Accompanying night in homes, hospitals and nursing homes. We want the rest of your loved one.

  • Personal care and hygiene

    Help with dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful and professional.

  • Companionship

    Chatting activities, companionship, conversation... Always with you.

  • Check-in

    A caregiver of elderly people can be at home in an hour to check that everything goes well.