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  • The only one in España
  • Consumes very little data
  • Works on all phones and tablets
  • Fast even on older phones

Peace of mind and control

Information about all your services in real time, the App tells you when services start and end, the amount of each visit, the places where is done and allows you to target exactly the tasks you want to perform the carer.

Live communication

Contact caregivers and Joyners team in real time and from anywhere. Whether the caregiver to explain where the drugs are, favorite TV show or your favorite card game.

Book new visits in 2 minutes

ASKS new services in just a few seconds, wherever you are. It's easy, convenient and flexible. These holidays will have everything controlled and book new services from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Expenses and payment control

Access all your expenses and invoices and download them instantly. Both from the App or from the web, you can access all your bills to control your spending. Also, you can customize each member or loved one with its own payment method.

Rate your caregivers

Rate your caregivers 1 to 5 stars to prioritize carers you like, our algorithm will learn your preferences and prioritize those caregivers.

Your whole family or organization from a single App

Manage the visits from all your loved ones from the same app and add details of their status, hobbies and preferences. Our interface, easy and simple, allows monitoring and requesting care visits for an unlimited number of users.

Technology serving people

Available for people in need of care and caregivers. Accessible from any computer, smart phone and tablet. The Joyners platform provides a operational agility allows us to be the only in Spain that can provide in just one hour a caregiver entitled and adapted to your needs.

In addition, the Joyners platform allows caregivers and users communicate easily and in real time to manage their visiting plans and needs. The Joyners platform is completely free and is available from here. Access now and start enjoying the benefits of the best care with the best technology from Joyners.

  • Control

    You can monitor the status of the visit and perform daily through our application tasks.

  • Rating

    assiduously collect comments and ratings from our users to enhance the quality of care.

  • Liability insurance

    We have it all covered. Joyners offers liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Works on all phones and tablets

The App Joyners is available for iPhone and iPad (iOS) and all Android phones and tablets. If you have a Blackberry, Windows Phone or do not have smart mobile phone, you can also access the WebApp at joyners.com/joyners.

Joyners is in your hands

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You have full control. By hours: recurring or one-off, scheduled or immediately.
You will know exactly who is coming and when.

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