Monitoring and control of elderly

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The importance of being up to date with regard to the person who gives the service is important, we know that most people seniors follow a strict schedule with medication, since without chronic diseases could worsen rapidly worsening health of the person.

At Joyners understand the importance of good monitoring and caregivers of our network are concerned about the welfare of consumers at all times, offering a quality service providing a respite, a moment of quiet well-deserved family not to neglect the personal obligations of everyday life.

Likewise if monitoring is required is urgent, once made the request and hired the service one of the caregivers will be presented at the address indicated in about 1 hour, or when the family has indicated, to check that everything goes well and apply the necessary care by a Care Consultation of the elderly, as it is necessary for the caregiver to catch up with the situation.

Caregivers who work with Joyners have an approved and validated geriatric title. Because we know that the first days always concern arises, we understand the need for customers to know what kind of person is responsible for our families, in Joyners confidence it comes first, so that the guarantee from day one.

Families can contact the caregivers, if they wish, in real time through the App Joyners to provide better service by using new technologies, you can also contact us via our website or if you wish directly by phone, we will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns, call us!

Monitoring and control of elderly

Expert and trusted caregivers. No paperwork and available in just 60 minutes.

Joyners can help you with…

  • Reminders

    Timely reminders to take medication, drink water and other needs.

  • Activity

    From a simple walk to specific exercises to stay active.

  • Cooking and shopping

    Cook healthy meals, plan menus, shopping and other errands.

  • Transports and transfers

    Need to be picked up from the hospital? Do you have a medical appointment? We take you there.

  • Vigils and nights

    Overnight care at home, hospital and nursing home. We help your loved one get the rest they deserve.

  • Personal care and hygiene

    Help with dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful and professional manner.

  • Companionship

    Chatting activities, companionship, conversation... Always with you.

  • Check-in

    An elderly caregiver can be at home in an hour to check that everything is going well.

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