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Who is it for?

We help companies and organizations to manage services for the elderly and dependent people in just 60 minutes

What do we offer?

Reservations for rehabilitation and health services, and support in medical emergencies and activities of daily living

Where do we offer?

Residential, homes, hospitals or other health care resources in major cities and metropolitan areas

When do we offer?

In a timely manner or recurrent. In emergency situations or planned. 24/7. Everyday of the year

What do companies think about Joyners?

    “The medical assistance outside the center have always been difficult to coordinate. Thanks to Joyners manage more than 85 users through its platform.”

    Gemma Esteve
    Tutelary reference Viaclara Foundation

Companies that trust us:

Sanitas Orpea Intress Centre Especial de Treball Som Fundació The Ritz-Carlton IIE Generation Study Abroad HolaLuz

Book 1 minute and professional arrive in just 1 hour

In our network gerocultores, nurses, social workers... are integrated with proprietary technology that allows us to create a perfect link between users and professionals and be one of the platforms more reliable and timely book.

Manages and controls your services in one click

  • You can control and manage services through the App.
  • With communication, information and real-time tracking.
  • Acting as a common space reservation for your team.

Socio-qualified and experienced professionals

  • Reserve between a network of over 1,000 professionals and receive social and health services in an hour or whenever you need it.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • With personalized attention to customer and available at all times.

We facilitate your administrative procedures

  • Without loss of information or misunderstanding.
  • Thanks to our platform known beforehand professional tasks and needs.
  • In addition, you can customize Joyners payment methods and invoices according to your needs and access them comfortably.

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