Care services for the elderly

Group activities, companionship, intellectual stimulation through games and conversation by qualified professionals

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At Joyners know that loneliness is not good for anyone because humans are social by nature, loneliness gives way to sadness and therefore the social isolation of the individual.

We firmly believe that the companionship for elderly people is essential to slow the deterioration of social and cognitive skills as well as being an emotional support.

Carers Network Joyners specialized in this type of service, provide the company needed with various activities directed to the user as its on condition, both Joyners and carers network understand the main social needs, which are the need for esteem and recognition, as this helps them feel part of society and the immediate environment, surrounding himself with a younger environment that gives them vitality.

A good tip is to stimulate action to interact with useful tips and simple games that help memory, such as puns that aim to promote mental alertness and memory work, especially those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

Another common activity is music therapy consisting of reliving memories through music, he asks the person or family for songs they like or that have marked intimate moments in the life of the person who is going to provide service, thus the memories flow to the interaction start making this period one more reason to smile this exercise is also intended working memory, especially in people with Alzheimer's disease.

The company combat loneliness while helping psychically the person because often people seniors feel abandoned or forgotten by their families or directly by society and often nursing homes only deal basic care without ensuring emotional well-being of its residents, caregivers working with great momentum given the shortcomings of others, this human factor is what differentiates us from others and leaves a visible trace of satisfaction in every service.

To reassure users or family, you may want to speak with the caregiver and ask how this period company develops through our customized App available for iOS and Android, created by us solely to provide better service to our customers adapt to new technologies for the benefit of accessibility to information at all times. If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us through our website, mobile application or, if you prefer, directly by phone.

Companionship services

Expert and trusted caregivers. No paperwork and available in just 60 minutes.

Joyners can help you with…

  • Reminders

    Timely reminders to take medication, drink water and other needs.

  • Activity

    From a simple walk to specific exercises to stay active.

  • Cooking and shopping

    Cook healthy meals, plan menus, shopping and other errands.

  • Transports and transfers

    Need to be picked up from the hospital? Do you have a medical appointment? We take you there.

  • Vigils and nights

    Overnight care at home, hospital and nursing home. We help your loved one get the rest they deserve.

  • Personal care and hygiene

    Help with dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful and professional manner.

  • Companionship

    Chatting activities, companionship, conversation... Always with you.

  • Check-in

    An elderly caregiver can be at home in an hour to check that everything is going well.

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