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The Joyners network is special

Joyners connects you with a team of social and health experienced care professionals and we work to offer you the best possible care, 100% tailored to your needs.


Evaluate your needs and easily design a care plan as our App, any Joyners is with you.


A caregiver entitled to come home, residence or hospital to help you or your family what you need.


Joyners is available 24 hours 365 days a year to make sure you always get the best service.

Your security first and foremost.

  • Validation of professional profiles
  • Skills verified by thousands of customers
  • Analysis of training titles
  • Classification multispecialty
  • Only certified qualifications
  • Liability insurance

Our promise

At Joyners we know that leaving home to go to a nursing home is a painful experience. Therefore, our goal is to get the necessary assistance in your own home so you can live in it as long as you want. You have access to the best network of caregivers to help you in this new stage.

Quality and transparency

Our mission is to help older people feel good so they can live in their own homes as long as you want. Our promise is to contact the best professionals who will provide the highest quality care provided safely and reliably.

  • Control

    You can monitor the status of the visit and perform daily through our application tasks.

  • Rating

    assiduously collect comments and ratings from our users to enhance the quality of care.

  • Liability insurance

    We have it all covered. Joyners offers liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Always connected.

Special conditions?
Food preferences?

You keep you and your caregiver contact and controláis every step of your care plan, including scheduled services, the tasks and objectives. And if there is anything new, the Joyners App helps you to communicate.

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