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Personalized care

100% personalized assistance

punctual or recurrent care, tailored to your needs.

Tailored Consultation

Care Consultation

Our technology connects you with the specialist professional

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You have full control. By hours: recurring or one-off, scheduled or immediately.
You will know exactly who is coming and when.

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Caregivers you can trust

All caregivers have social and health related qualifications. Only 6% of professionals are able to join the Joyners network.

What makes them different?
They are reliable, empathize and have passion.

Meet the Caregivers

Caregiver of Joyners network

Joyners can help you with...

  • Reminders

    Timely reminders to take medication, drink water and other needs.

  • Activity

    From a simple walk to specific exercises to stay active.

  • Cooking and shopping

    Cook healthy meals, plan menus, shopping and other errands...

  • Transports and transfers

    Need to be picked up from the hospital? Do you have a medical appointment? We take you there.

  • Vigils and nights

    Accompanying night in homes, hospitals and nursing homes. We want the rest of your loved one.

  • Personal care and hygiene

    Help with dressing and personal hygiene, always in a respectful and professional.

  • Companionship

    Chatting activities, companionship, conversation... Always with you.

  • Check-in

    A caregiver of elderly people can be at home in an hour to check that everything goes well.

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Elderly care

Requesting assistance for hours, you pay for hours. It's that easy.

Get the best assistance for just hour or as much time as you need - 24/7.No minimum hours.

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Your trust is paramount

We want you to feel comfortable with Joyners. All caregivers are social and health professionals whose degree has been validated.

Your privacy is always respected and your peace of mind ensured with our liability insurance of up to 600.000€.

AXA Insurance company

Professional caregivers

What our clients say about Joyners

  • “The last weekend I had a last minute emergency and in less than 5 minutes, a caregiver at Joyners confirmed her availability. Thank you!”

    Charles, Barcelona

  • “My mother is thrilled! Excellent, reliable and transparent service that makes it easy to take care of our parents”

    Laura, Madrid

Adapted to your needs

Our App finds you the caregiver that best suits your needs because we want you to receive the assistance they deserve. Tell us what you need and we'll help.